Trying to Save Money By…. Spending Too Much Money

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ArrrrrrrrgHere’s a quick tip we’ve learned quite well over the years. When you’re choosing online options for your business, it’s best to not be gun shy when signing up for services. It will save you a lot of grief and headaches in the long run.

We had a client who got a free Mailchimp account. However, this person needed to be able to send automated messages (autoresponders). This is not included with your basic Mailchimp account, but can be added on for about $10/month – depending on how many emails you plan on sending.

Instead of biting the bullet and doing that, the client researched the web and found a somewhat obscure service that works with Mailchimp to allow you to use their API to send autoresponders. Ironically it’s owned by Mailchimp. She then wanted us to set that up and make it work.

When you’re talking API integration, that generally requires custom coding. Between the estimated time it would take us to set that up for her, integrate it into her site, and train her to use another service instead of the Mailchimp interface she was used to – it would have cost as much, a dozen or two times over at our full web development rates.

Bottom line is if you’re doing things right, then $10/month or $120/year is a drop in the bucket (and quite the bargain) as a cost for doing automated email marketing online directly to your paying customers.

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