Free Printable WordPress Checklists

Download 4 free colorful guides full of helpful tips, best practices and advice on launching, promoting, securing and maintaining a WordPress powered web site! These guides are printable, easy to follow for both beginners and advanced WordPressers, and they’re totally free!

WordPress Launch Checklist

Preparing your site for launch, Checking settings, coming soon pages, compressing images, checking mobile compatibility, load speed, and more.

WordPress SEO Checklist

Checking search engine visibility, SEO plugins, Yoast, Sitemaps, Header tags, Page Titles and Descriptions, Content Delivery Networks, and more.

WordPress Security Checklist

Quick and Advanced security methods, limiting login attempts, how to protect your WP-Config file, hiding login error messages, general tips, and more.

WordPress Upkeep & Maintenance Checklist

Keeping WordPress updated and error-free, general maintenance and management, statistics, handling spam comments and more.

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By the way, you’ll also get instant access to our 8 Social Media Checklists that walk you through setting up and optimizing your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook Live!

Facebook Checklist
Twitter Checklist
Instagram Checklist
Snapchat Checklist
Facebook Live Checklist

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