It’s raining outside and I have an umbrella

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It’s raining outside and I have an umbrella.
I opened my email today and saw this as a headline on an email from one of the coaches that I subscribe to.
I stopped and read it again.
It’s raining outside and I have an umbrella.
It occurred to me to write this.

The truth is – the outside world looks solid and scary right now, not only because of Covid-19 but because things that we have to deal with every day in the world of form can be tough, illness, grief, financial difficulties, homelessness, scarcity, relationship difficulties, anger, fear, hopelessness, etc.

What I want to say to you is – you are ok.

You were born into these times and you were made for them – every cell in your body was made for this time.
There is nothing on this earth that was formed from a greater intelligence and energy than you were.
Whether you call that energy God, Mind, or the Universe or by another name entirely, you know it exists because you are part of it. You are part of the energy that keeps the earth spinning – you are made of the same stuff. It is not that you will be ok – it is that you ARE ok.
Right now.
In this very moment.

What I want to say to you is – I love you.

You are a part of this world and have no doubt affected many of us in it and your presence here matters, not because of or despite your age or your financial status – you matter, I love you. I’m sorry I have not said it often enough.

What I want to say to you is – If I have something you need, please ask me for it.

Whether I have an extra roll of toilet paper or 30 minutes to listen to your pain, We were born capable of comforting and supporting each other. As toddlers, we instinctively wanted to help our friends when they were sad or hurt. We grow up thinking that it would be a burden if we asked people for something, that maybe we shouldn’t need so much, and sometimes those thoughts keep us from asking. Please ask.

What I want to say to you is that you are the sky and not the weather.

Although at times it very much feels like we are in the middle of some very big and painful storms, I hope you realize that your energy existed before this storm came and your energy will exist when this storm passes. The weather is temporary, the sky is not. We all have a part of us that is not temporary- because the first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be destroyed. I hope that comforts you.

What I want to say to you is I have an umbrella and you have one too.

I have an umbrella – I have learned things in life that help me live more gently and freely than I would otherwise live. You have learned such things as well. Whether the knowledge I speak of is intellectual spiritual in nature it may be able to help you. If I know what you are going through, I will see if my umbrella would be useful. Some of our umbrellas protect us from the sun on the beach and just allow us to have a nice day, some of our umbrellas may buffer the wind and make things tolerable, some of our umbrellas may ease the day to day frustration of getting your hair wet, (little things are not little to you in the moment) and some of our umbrellas are big enough to group others under, so we all feel protected. Whatever your Umbrella is – I encourage you to open it and share it with others. I have been so touched by the many people doing just that in this moment of “rain”.

It’s raining outside.

In some places, the rain is actual weather, terrible storms, hurricanes, droughts, heatwaves, and blizzards. In other places, the rain may be abuse, fear, lack, uncertainty, loneliness, depression, or Covid-19. Regardless of the rain that is falling in your life right now, there are people all around you that have umbrellas. They are waiting to share them. They may have been through this storm before and can show you the way to brighter skies or they may be just hunkering down with you in something never before experienced by any of us. Either way, those umbrellas, those collective ideas, experiences, and knowledgebase can and will help – sometimes at a miraculous level.

I want to let you know that I know it is raining in your life, though I may not know the specific color of your rain, and that I have an umbrella made up of my life experience and an energy that we share that might help a bit. If you think it could, please don’t hesitate to tell me what you need because it’s raining outside and I have an umbrella.



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