TLC for WordPress

So your site that you invested lots of time and money is up. . . now what? Do you have a website maintenance schedule in place to keep updated with the latest system and plugin releases? How do you make sure your website continues to perform well for your visitors? Do you know how to fix update crashes? Can you fix infected files or database attacks from hackers? How often should you back up? Do any of these questions make your head spin? We can help!

Take the stress out of maintaining, securing, and backing up your website with our WordPress care packages.

WordPress & System Updates

WordPress releases several updates per year – both major upgrades and minor tweaks. If you’ve got plugins installed, those have updates, too. The same goes for themes, both free and premium. The better ones are constantly updating with bug fixes and new features. Occasionally, any one of these updates may cause a problem with your site, or not work as intended. We will make sure your all your updates are performed on a regular basis, and more importantly, are compatible with your current setup. If they are not, we will actively look for alternatives and present you with those choices.

Data Backups

Having a well-thought out backup system in place will save you headaches, time and money in the long run. If your site ever gets compromised, or an update goes wrong, or you’ve accidentally deleted important system files, a recent backup will be a lifesaver. We will setup, deploy and maintain your current backup plan. If your hosting service includes a backup plan, we will make sure that is working correctly and still give you an alternative backup so you’re not relying on your host to restore your site at their convenience.

Speed Checks

There’s nothing worse than a slow website. We’ll make sure your WordPress remains lean and loading quickly with any new system updates and content. We’ll also make suggestions on what to improve to make it speedy and decrease your overall load time. Full WordPress Speed Optimization services can be purchase separately.

Security Checks

We’ll check your settings, system updates and file structures, as well as run a complete system scan to make sure the security of your site remains solid from month to month.

Peace of Mind Reports

We’ll always let you know what we did and when we did it, as well as anything else we think you may need to be aware of about your website. If you have an issue or emergency, we’re just a phone call or email away.

Regular maintenance of your website will save you time, money and stress. It frees you up to focus on running your business and doing what you do best.

Ready to banish your website worries?

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