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TLC for Coaches has been providing services and training for life coaches (as well as other entrepreneurs and select charitable organizations) since 2008. We assist some of the worlds most brilliant and successful coaches in dozens of ways – ranging from simple timesaving tasks to social media marketing to complete website creation and management – just to name a few! Our friendly and experienced team members are well versed in a variety of services and technologies that can save you time and money.

What does your dream coaching practice or business looks like? Let’s have a chat on how to get you there!

WordPress Services

“I had a great experience with TLC! Terri and Joe are a great team and are supported by a wonderful staff. Terri makes the website process much less stressful by outlining exactly what they need from you from the start. You provide the fun stuff, like the pics and the text, and Joe does the hard work and puts it all together and somehow makes it awesome. It was a professional but fun experience almost like having friends build your site for you. They’re worth every penny!”

Denise Carter
Hummingbird Natural Wellness

Web Development

WordPress Web & Mobile Design

Tell us what you’d like to create and we’ll make it happen. We will work with you one-on-one with multiple phone calls and emails to create a gorgeous responsive website that represents you and your business, and looks great on multiple devices. We can create new sites from scratch, refresh older sites, migrate content from static HTML or other platforms into WordPress, and much more.

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Web Development

WordPress Installation & Setup

We’ll install and optimize the WordPress platform on your web host. This includes installing and setting up a collection of recommended plugins and services, including a data backup solution, spam protection, and basic SEO. We can also install a theme of your choice (or one of our recommended themes). You’ll also get up to 10 pages and a blog, ready for you to edit and publish


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Web Development

WordPress Care & Maintenance

Take the stress out of maintaining, securing, and backing up your website with our WordPress care package that includes monitored WordPress system and plugin updates, multi-location redundant database and system backups. You’ll also get regular speed checks, and multiple security scans on your entire system, passwords and more.

Starting at $59/month

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Web Development

WordPress Speed Optimization

There are studies that a slow website can actually cost you sales and potential customers. Is your WordPress site not loading as fast as you’d like? We’ll go through your entire setup, run tests, check everything, and write up a report on what is causing your site to be slow. We’ll create a plan of action and fix as many of the issues as possible with your current setup and make any additional recommendations as needed. You’ll also get a 3rd party Before and After report.

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Web Development

WordPress Membership Site Setup

We’ll install, setup and optimize a membership platform such as MemberPress, WooCommerce Memberships, or Wishlist Member, and integrate it into your WordPress installation. We’ll also work with you to create three (3) standard membership levels, setup a payment gateway integration, and protect content for each access level based on your specifications.

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Web Development

WordPress Online Store Setup

We’ll install, setup and optimize the WooCommerce shopping cart system onto your existing WordPress website and setup payment gateways of your choice (PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, etc). We’ll work with you to setup products (including images, descriptions, pricing, etc) and integrate your store into your existing theme and look of your site. We’ll also provide training on how to add / delete / modify the products, pages and pricing in your online store.

Starting at $275

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Need other WordPress related services, or more customized services?

Audio / Video Services

Web Development

Video Editing

We can edit your video, create intro and outro clips, titles and text overlays, extract segments, and publish to your platform of choice (YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

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Web Development

Audio Editing

We can edit your audio or podcast, insert intro / outro music if needed, extract promo clips, etc. MP3 and M4A and WAV audio formats.

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“Marvelous work. Everything I’ve seen exceeds my expectations. You have done a beautiful job of blending the titles, logos, and link back to CSC. The trimmed front and end work extremely well. You are the pros!”

Dave Nichols
Center for Sustainable Change

Consultation Services

Web Development

Brainstorming Session

Sometimes you need to think outside the box! Have a chat with us to brainstorm product or course ideas, best business practices, online branding and messaging or anything that you need to think bigger on.


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Web Development

Feedback & Review Session

Want to have your course reviewed before it goes live and know what you can do to improve the client experience? Want to have someone look over your website and call potential issues to your attention? The feedback and review session is designed for just this sort of thing! It will include one hour of review and half hour consult to go over the suggested changes.

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Web Development

Accountability Session

Sometimes you need someone to hold you accountable and keep the big picture of what you are trying to do in mind. Often our coaches will schedule monthly check-ins to see if what they are doing is in alignment with what they want to do, and to unpack why progress might not be happening as fast as they would like. We’ll help you implement strategies to speed up progress, while taking individual needs and strengths into account.

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Graphic Services

Web Development

Social Media Images

Headers, banners and miscellaneous graphics for various social media platforms. We can also do memes and quotes that are branded to your business for use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media.

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Web Development

Product Cover Design

We can create high quality and high resolution covers and mock-up images of books, DVDs, reports, CDs, magazines (and much more) from your existing images. We can also design something unique for you from scratch.

Starting at $25

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“TLC for Coaches is that and much more! Highly knowledgeable, creative and able to leap tall buildings… well, not quite the last one and I cannot recommend Terri, Joe & company highly enough. There is a depth of technical knowledge, problem solving ability coupled with relentless attention to detail and follow through. These are gracious, hardworking, highly skilled folks. Five stars in my book!”

Bill Cumming
Founder of The Boothby Institute, Director at Pause Place

Some of the many technologies our team have worked with: