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Sometimes we’re amazed at how many people we talk to that really don’t know much about us and what we do, despite information being here on our web site. Here’s a quick checklist for those who find us through our blog but haven’t made it through he rest of the site yet! 🙂 Thanks for your interest in TLC for Coaches!

  • We have been around since 2008! Wow, we have an anniversary coming up soon…
  • We have helped over 150 coaches and entrepreneurs with their businesses.
  • We’ve created over 140 web sites and have worked on over 200.
  • We help with almost ALL aspects of running a coaching business! (appointment setting, client intake, group coaching support, marketing, branding, websites, audio and video editing, online course creation, blog entries, speaking engagements, virtual programs, live seminars and training, retreats, bookkeeping, research, webinars, consulting, social media strategy and implementation – just about everything but the coaching!)
  • We have coaches that use us for as little as 5 minutes a month, and as much as 300 hours a month.
  • We designed our Virtual Assistant business a little differently than others – specifically to make it easy for coaches to grow their businesses.
  • We charge our time to the nearest 5 minute mark – no hourly minimums around here – so you can ask the quick questions that get you moving again.
  • We offer hourly billing as well as per project pricing.
  • We do not require a retainer for a minimum number of hours in order for you to get assistance, so you can start small and find out where we can best help.
  • Many of our clients have teams already in place and we merely advise or support them as they develop – they use us only to fill in the gaps in their knowledge.
  • We train many existing teams, so you can get the best value with the assurance that there are experts behind the scenes that they can come to with issues.
  • Terri and Joe met because Joe placed an ad offering to do websites for charities. Terri asked him if he would help with her site for her new VA business. They were married six years later on 12-13-14 (at 10:11am).
  • Some of our favorite charities are Habitat for Humanity, Kiva, and Toys for Tots.
  • We have multiple talented virtual assistants working with us and with our clients. Shout out to Beth, Jaysarie, Brittanie, Bernadette and Jeanne.

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