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Want to know a foolproof way to avoid a logistical nightmare with your web site? Buy your own domain and web hosting. Despite what anyone tells you, you should be in control of these. It’s ok if you have an assistant or company purchase these and set things up on your behalf (we do it all the time), but they should be in YOUR name with YOUR contact and payment information.

We’ve heard some horror stories from coaches that allowed designers to register domains and host their web sites for them “in house”, and then had a falling out with that person (or they simply disappeared). When this happens it may be difficult for you to recover your account(s). It is important that you at least retain your information and get that from them. If the people you are working with refuse to give you account information and logins to your own site and services, then you have a problem. If you are having a web site built, you should feel comfortable asking for all the logins before making final payment.

Here is an information form we’ve created to help you know what to ask for. Print it out (as many times as you’d like), fill it in, and keep it in a safe place. If you don’t have this information, ask the person you are working with to send it to you securely, or give it to you over the phone.

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