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Terri & JoeTo everything there is a season – a time to to plant a time to gather the harvest, a time to break down, a time to build up. This Summer has certainly had it’s share of planting, gathering, breaking down and building up. Joe and I have enjoyed reconnecting with longtime TLC clients. It has been wonderful hearing what they are up to in the world and the lovely things they have said about the TLC VA’s they are working with directly. We are very blessed to get to work with and for such amazing people. It is clear we must be doing something right, as most of our recent inquiries have resulted in us meeting a variety of new coaches that we now we enjoy the privilege of supporting. In light of that, we are now looking to expand the team with additional skilled assistants and web developers to keep up with demand (We’re Hiring!). As the Summer of 2016 winds down, we are looking forward to the changing leaves in Upstate New York, and the changes in our team and in our lives.


Business Resources

A lot of coaches and assistants that come our way simply just want to know the best options to accomplish a task online. These questions and answers are morphing into a new Resource section on our site. You can access the list at any time by simply clicking on Resources on the menu. It will continue to grow as more questions and suggestions come in, but we hope it’s helpful in the meantime.

Join the TLC Workshop

If you haven’t signed up for the TLC Workshop yet, what are you waiting for? A sale? Oh. Well it’s your lucky day! For a limited time, get full access to the Workshop for only $29/month! Better yet, you can get a two-week trial for only $1! That gets you unlimited access to all our training videos (nearly 100 so far with more on the way!), our suite of graphic design apps (6 so far with more on the way), collection of ebooks, business forms, royalty-free image and audio library, checklists, premium WordPress stuff, and so much more! It’s getting pretty crazy in there …and we haven’t even started our team podcasts, online courses and training webinars yet! (coming this Fall)

If you’re a coach, a virtual assistant, or an online entrepreneur looking to expand your tools, resources, and training – with support from a team that has been doing this for 10 years – the TLC Workshop is for you! Now is a great time to get in on the fun (and lock in a lower price before it goes back up!)

Cool! Tell Me More about the TLC Workshop!

What’s New in the TLC Workshop

  • Printable Social Media Checklists for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and others added to the Forms section
  • VideoFrames for WordPress added to the Plugins section
  • Social Media Calendar Planner for September 2016 added to the Forms section
  • 150 Inspirational & Motivational Quotes added to the eBooks section
  • Getting Started with Facebook Live was added to the eBooks section
  • A 95-Page WordPress Companion Guide was added to the eBooks section

Premium members, login to access all of these new resources (and everything else). Don’t have an account yet? Sign up! Seriously.

5 Steps to Creating Pretty Awesome InfographicsBlog Highlights

4 Quick Ways to Boost Engagement on Your Facebook Page

Tips for Great Presentations on Facebook Live

5 Steps to Creating Pretty Awesome Infographics

Updated Facebook Page Design for 2016

More knowledge drops…

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If you use videos on your WordPress site, you’ll love this! Introducing VideoFrames – a WordPress plugin that lets you quickly and easily add beautiful, responsive frames and borders videos without writing a single line of code! Over 40 gorgeous frames to choose from including ipads, smartphones, monitors, decorative and filmstrip frames.

VideoFrames for WordPress

VideoFrames works with Vimeo and YouTube videos. It’s available for our TLC Workshop premium members at no additional cost. Alternatively, you can also buy it directly in our shop at a special sale price of only $10 for unlimited use.

Speaking of WordPress Plugins…

We’re compiling a list of essential and recommended plugins in multiple categories like SEO, Calendars, Security, Maintenance, Community Building, eCommerce, and more!

Also, if you want to get our list of favorites directly in your WordPress Dashboard, go to Favorites on your Add Plugin page and type in tlcforcoaches in the username box. Our list will pop up and you can install directly from there!


Check Out Our New Affiliate Program

Since the Workshop launched in July, we’ve had quite a few people ask about an affiliate program… so we went ahead and created one a few nights ago! (That’s how we tend to do things around here). If you help promote our Workshop (and other goodies), you’ll earn a few bucks on each sale. Pretty simple. You can learn more about our affiliate program and register for it here:

That’s all for this month. As always, if you need more personalized assistance with a project or your business, get in touch. Let’s have a chat and see how we can help!

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