5 Social Media Management Apps And Tools

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Social media can potentially help you to reach a gigantic audience of followers while at the same time putting the power in their hand to share and promote your content even further. It’s excellent for building trust and authority and even better for developing a relationship with your customers and potential customers.

There’s just one problem: it takes a lot of time and effort to get right.

Fortunately though, if you know how to find the best apps and tools for managing your social media it’s possible to remove a lot of the guesswork and even to automate a fair amount of the work. Here are five of the best to start usingÉ


Buffer is one of the most popular tools for social media marketers and simply allows you to ‘queue’ posts to various social media channels. This means that you can spend one day writing tons of content and then have it gradually released on predefined regular intervals.


IFTTT is another tool that’s fantastic for automating your social media. It stands for ‘If This, Then That’ and works by allowing you to set up relationships between accounts on various different web services. For instance, you could set up a relationship between Feedly and Twitter so that whenever you tag an article you’re reading related to your niche, it will be immediately shared with your audience!


Often promoting a business through Facebook can feel a little like fumbling around in the dark. How do you know what to do and which types of posts to publish?
LykAlyzer answers these questions and simplifies the process for you by allowing you to see which of your posts get the most attention and what other pages in your niche are doing.

Social Rank

Social Rank lets you identify your top 10 followers on Twitter, seeing not only who is paying the most attention to your Tweets but also who has the largest network of their own. This is a very powerful tool as it allows you to see which of your visitors deserve more attention. It also acts as a reminder that sometimes quality trumps quantity when it comes to your fans.


While not free, SocialBro is a Twitter management tool that gives you access to all kinds of useful analytics and metrics so you can see what’s working and do more of it. Honorable mention goes to Tweeter Spy which can show you which of your Tweets are sending you the most traffic.

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