10 Ways to Say No

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Instead of feeling resentful for saying yes when you really wanted to say no, try these phrases:

  1.  Someone in my time class uses the phrase, “That doesn’t work for me.”
  2.  I am feeling overwhelmed and can’t put anything else on my plate.
  3.  I have a policy to never ….
  4.  I really can’t…. right now, but I can….
  5.  I’m sorry, I have another commitment.
  6.  Thanks for thinking of me, but I am not able to.
  7.  I appreciate the request, but I am not taking on anything else right now.
  8.  I am honored you thought of me, but I don’t have the time to do a proper job.
  9.  My heart wouldn’t be in it.
  10.  Thanks for the invitation, but an early night is a better option for me.

What are your favorite ways to say no?

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