Getting More Visitors to Your Blog with Tailwind Tribes

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Getting More Visitors with Tailwind

If you’re a blogger, or just want to automate promoting your content on Pinterest to attract more visitors to your website, you should look into Tailwind Tribes!

What the heck is a Tailwind Tribe? First, let’s back up and tell you about Tailwind.

If you haven’t heard of Tailwind yet, it’s a wonderful visual marketing tool for Pinterest (and Instagram). It allows you to schedule posts, monitor conversations on your images, discover new content to share, provide graphical stats about your account, and lots more.

Tribes is a tool within Tailwind that allows groups of Pinterest users to bring together quality pins of similar topics, all in one place. They can then automatically schedule those pins to post to Pinterest on their selected boards. Imagine having pins for your blog posts not only automatically posted on your Pinterest boards, but also shared by other like-minded people on related boards! Additionally, because you’re usually in Tribes related to your particular topics, you now have a wealth of on-topic pins that you can choose from and schedule through Tailwind to share on your own boards! That, in a nutshell, is Tailwind Tribes.

Here’s a quick promo video:

We’ve used Tailwind since February 2017 when Tribes was still in beta testing, and have talked about it before. However, Tribes officially launched to the general public in November 2017 and Tailwind opened up Tribes to everyone (it was invite-only before).

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest has become a powerhouse for free traffic to promote blog posts, coaching programs, products and more. All you really need is good content and some nicely designed pin images for that content. Not good with graphics? You can use services like Canva and Stencil to quickly create beautiful pin images using thousands of pre-designed templates. You no longer need to be a Photoshop expert in that regard!

We started incorporating Pinterest more in our own business in early 2017. We started by creating a business profile – (free free to follow!), and creating boards for various topics (Business, Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Quotes, etc). We then started manually re-pinning quality content by other people into those boards when time permitted, as well as sharing our own content occasionally. From there, we joined a few Group Boards for added exposure and connected Tailwind to handle more of the automation and scheduling of pins we wanted to share. We then connected BoardBooster to create automated campaigns – especially on our Quote boards to automatically re-pin them occasionally. Less than a year later we’ve tripled traffic to our site, and the majority of that has come through Pinterest. Unfortunately, BoardBooster closed in the Summer of 2018. However, Tailwind introduced a similar automated re-pinning feature shortly thereafter.

Pinterest Boards

If you’d like to connect with us, you can follow all our boards at:

A mistake that we see a lot of coaches and bloggers make with Pinterest is they’ll sign up, create a board, post links to their site (usually with images that are not optimized with the correct sizes for Pinterest or are poor quality), then expect a lot of traffic to magically come in. They give up quickly when nothing happens. Pinterest doesn’t work that way. You really need to spend a little time on there curating content for you boards, in addition to sharing your own content. Once again, that is where tools like Tailwind shine by helping you locate quality pins and scheduling it out so your Pinterest is always being updated, even when you’re not sitting there actively pinning. Many Pinterest users swear by the 80/20 rule of 80% curated pins by others and 20% self promotion.

Hopefully this will inspire you to get your Pinterest presence going! With a little setup and prep, your Pinterest account can start driving traffic to your website in no time. Having great tools that make things easier doesn’t hurt either.

By the way, we’ve started a couple Tribes of our own. If your content fits, here are the invite links to join them:

Life Coaching & Self-Help

A Tailwind Tribe for any pins related to life coaching and self-help.
We started this Tribe to help promote blog posts written by or curated by coaches and spread self-care.

Join this Tribe

Beautiful Inspirational Quotes

A Tailwind Tribe for anyone sharing beautifully designed motivational quotes on Pinterest.
We started this Tribe because we use Tailwind to share a lot of inspirational quotes that we create for our clients (and for fun) on Pinterest.

Join this Tribe

Don’t have any pins that would fit our tribes? That’s ok! There are thousands of others to choose from in hundreds of topics! Just sign up, go to Tribes and search them out.

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