How to Create and Customize a Sign-Up Form in MailChimp

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  1. Log in to your MailChimp Account
  2. Enter your Username and Password
  3. Click Log In
  4. The Dashboard will open
  5. Click on Lists from the Dashboard menu
  6. The Lists page will open
  7. Select the List where you want to create a sign up form
  8. The list, “Special Event #1” is chosen
  9. Click the “Special Event #1” link
  10. The options page will open
  11. Click “Signup forms”
  12. The form options page will open
  13. Click “General forms”
  14. This page will open
  15. Click the “Build it” tab
  16. This default form will open with the list title shown in red box
  17. To add extra fields, choose a field type from the Add a field tab on the right side of the page.
  18. Let’s add a Birthday field in the form
  19. Click the Birthday button
  20. A Birthday field is added to the form
  21. To customize a field in the sign up form…
  22. Click to select a field (highlighted in yellow) then edit settings on right.
  23. Let us customize the Birthday field
  24. After customizing the field, click “Save Field” button
  25. To add extra layer security to the form, check the “Protect your signup form with reCAPTCHA” box on the Create forms page.

    Now it’s your turn to build and customize your own general sign up form and have a great start in Email Marketing with MailChimp!

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