How to Create a Simple List Segment in MailChimp

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This slideshare shows you how to create a simple Segment from the List Page to Target Different Types of Subscribers in Mailchimp.

  1. Log in to your MailChimp Account
  2. Enter your Username and Password
  3.  Click Log In
  4. The Dashboard will open
  5. Click Lists from the Dashboard
  6. The Lists Page will open
  7. Click the name of the List where you want to create a new segment
  8. In this example, the list titled “Free Subscription” is chosen
  9. The List will open
  10.  Click the Segments drop down button
  11. This will pop up if you have not created yet any segment for the chosen list
  12. Click the New Segment button
  13. Click the Date Added button
  14. This will show all of the segment criteria options you can choose from
  15. In this tutorial, we’ll create a segment of the best subscribers, whose member ratings are 3 stars and higher.
  16. Let’s choose “Member Rating” from the option
  17. Hover over the star rating to highlight two stars, and click to select them.
  18. Click the “is” drop down menu
  19. Choose “is greater than” option
  20. If you want to add another condition, just click the “Add Condition” link
  21. For this tutorial, let’s have one criteria only which is the member rating greater than 2 stars.
  22. Click Preview Segment
  23. This will show which subscribers meet the condition set.
  24. Click the Save Segment button if you’re ok with the segment.
  25. To continue editing your segmentation criteria, click Edit.
  26. Now it’s your turn to create your own segment from the list page and have a great start in Email Marketing with Mailchimp

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