The Power of One Second (and the Cost of a Slow Website)

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You’ve probably seen studies about how a one-second delay in page load time can hurt your conversion rate, page views, and customer satisfaction. They’re sobering statistics and proof that on the web, seconds really do count. Some of the biggest websites have reported increases in sales and engagement, by simply improving their site speed. Here’s a great infographic on the topic, courtesy of WPEngine.

The Power of One Second - WordPress Speed Optimization

That’s pretty crazy, but makes total sense. No one likes a slow web site.

Want to check your site load speed right now? Our favorite free tools are GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insights by Google. Both of these sites will give you wonderful data to work with to diagnose and address any issues.

The most common causes we’ve seen for a slow web site include:

  • Massive images that are not properly optimized for the web (scale those images down and run them through an optimizer!)
  • Poorly coded themes and plugins (always check reviews and support for signs of potential issues).
  • Too many plugins, especially plugins that overlap in functionality with others.
  • Bloated plugins that connect to third party services, causing too many redirects (amazing how many plugins do this).
  • Scripts, PHP and CSS  modifications not being optimized.
  • Bad or non-optimized web hosting (It’s 2017. if you’re using WordPress, get a WordPress optimized host, like SiteGround or WPEngine)

If you’re having speed issues, check your website for any of these issues and correct them to quickly speed up your load time.

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