3 Things To Do After You Hit Publish On Your Latest Blog Post

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Ok, you’ve done you’re writing, editing, and put the finishing touches on your blog post. It’s finally published and live (see 3 Things to Do Before You Hit Publish On Your Latest Blog Post).

Before you call it a day and pat yourself on the back for a job well done, there are a few more things you should do to ensure that your post is read. In other words, you need to promote it a bit and then spend some time interacting with your readers.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you should do each time you hit publish on your blog post to make sure it gets the exposure you’re looking for.

Promote Your Post On Social Media
Start by sharing your new post on social media. Post it to your Facebook page and invite readers to check it out and of course share it themselves. If you can get some likes, comments, and shares early on, chances are good that quite a few of your followers will see the post. If you’re really lucky, it may go viral and give you quite a bit of exposure.

Of course you don’t want to stop there. Go through your list of social media accounts and post anywhere appropriate. Tweet a link to your blog post and share images in your posts on Instagram and Pinterest. Post a link on Reddit or share it on Stumbleupon. Use any and all social media accounts that you’re active on to get the ball rolling. The more buzz you can create, the higher your chances that readers will start to promote your post for you as well.

Email Your Subscribers About The New Post

Next you want to make sure you share your new content with your email subscribers. Send them a quick note, or work a link to your blog into your latest mailings and newsletters. Invite your email subscribers to read your post and comment. Start a conversation with them and grow engagement.

I find it also helps to let subscribers know that they are welcome to share the blog post with others who may be interested in the topic. It’s surprising how many people don’t realize it is perfectly fine (and encouraged) to share free content with others.

Keep An Eye On Comments

Last but not least, you want to keep an eye on comments as they come in. Check in a few times per day after you first publish a post so you can reply to comments in a timely manner. This will  encourage conversations and more commenting down the road. And that of course fosters the conversation and engagement you’re looking for in your blog.

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