So what makes a great Life Coach?


Clare Dimond shares her wisdom about what it takes to be an outstanding life coach. I have to say if I was writing this based upon my own experience being coached and working with many coaches over the years my list would be almost identical!

1. They know you don’t need them and they tell you that… They know that you have everything you need to live your life in the most joyful, peaceful, healthy and prosperous way. The only job of a coach is to help you see that for yourself. This is about clarity never dependency.

2. Often they won’t believe what you are telling them… and they will let you know that in no uncertain terms. That story about how you can’t do the thing you have always longed to do? Meh. Your description of yourself as weak or incapable? Not buying it. They know that well-being, health, joy and creativity is the essence of who you are. However enormous the problems that you bring to them seem to you,  they can show you how to live from that true essence. There is nothing to fix. There is just thinking to let go of.

3. They couldn’t care less what you think of them…  They know that we have no control over what others think. They know that we never even really know what other people think. So why waste time on trying to guess when you could simply be connected to and loving someone whatever they say or do.

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